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When we say we’re experts in Asia Holidays, we mean it. From the southernmost tip of the continent to the far east and beyond, we uncover the best of Asia’s delights for you to discover. We believe that Asia is special, being the birthplace of cultures, faiths and walks of life that many yearn for and long to experience. Ceremonial lanterns, Buddhist chants, Southern sunsets, Luxury holidays and more become a thing of reality with us.

Visit the high-rise cities and bespoke tailors of Hong Kong. Book a Thailand holiday package and enjoy the beaches and shopping. Find yourself within a Vietnamese pagoda or discover hints of forgotten French influences. Head to Dubai and enjoy a Dubai Shopping tour, join a city tour or go Dune bashing in Dubai. Let Singapore take you by storm as you shop until you drop or use a Singapore city pass and enjoy the activities and attractions at a discounted price. Escape the hustle and visit a rural Bali cycling tour or discover the highlights of arts and culture in Ubud.

Here at See Asia Tours, we let you do exactly as our name suggests and see Asia through new eyes as we show you new perspectives, new experiences and a new way of holidaying in the most exotic corners of the world. Couple your holiday in Sri Lanka, Maldives or Japan with any of these destinations or let us create a tailor-made journey for each special part of this exotic continent.


With care and attention to detail we give you exactly what your sense of ‘wanderlust’ is looking for, so don’t let anything hold you back from taking that first leap in satisfying the explorer and adventurer in you!