Welcome to See Asia Tours, a specialized tour operator based in the UK with extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge of Sri Lanka, Maldives, Japan and the Far East Asia. With unique insights and personal knowledge on Japan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and many other corners of East Asia, your holiday will be curated and created to perfection with us. We understand that Asia’s call is growing stronger, so put our expertise to good use as you heed that call.

Talk to us about forgotten corners, hidden treasures and unimaginable wonders, often missed out in guide books. We are travellers and we have gone the distance, exploring and experiencing every nook and cranny ourselves before we recommend them to you.

Our team is headed by managing director Himanthi De Silva, whose personal involvement in the planning process ensures that all your needs are met with careful detail.
Himanthi was born and raised in Sri Lanka, speaks the mother tongue and knows Sri Lanka like no other. Spending almost all her free time travelling around the country with her family as a child, her love for Sri Lanka has become one of the strongest elements in her work today. She moved to Tokyo, Japan in 1999 in pursuit of higher education and big dreams. Himanthi’s time in Tokyo and other parts of Japan has given her an unparalleled understanding of the country, its culture and people. Himanthi went on to master speaking and writing Japanese in addition to her BA in Travel and Tourism from the prestigious Rikkyo University in Tokyo. On receiving her degree, Himanthi’s dreams of travelling and promoting the destinations she loved was time to be realized. With near 15 years’ experience in the travel industry has made her a world-class travel planning expert and experienced tour provider in Japan, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

See Asia Tours can plan and create a series of holidays including Small Group Tours, Self-Guided Tours, Semi-Escorted Tours, Tailored Travel, Group Tours, Incentive Tours and more. We can give you a cultural experience that delves into the heart of each destination you visit. To really see Asia, travel with us.