1. What does the cherry blossom tour Japan price include?
  • 10 nights’ accommodation in standard hotels including daily Breakfast
  • Dinner included in Shizuoka
  • Private Guided Tours as per itinerary
  • Authentic Tea ceremony experience and Maiko Dance show tickets (subject to availability) in Kyoto
  • 7 Day Japan Rail Pass
  1. Can I avail any early cherry blossom tour Japan booking benefit?
  • £100 off if you book by the 7th December 2018
  1. What are the benefits of group cherry blossom tour Japan bookings?
  • You can meet and travel together with likeminded people
  1. What is the difference between Child and Infant on cherry blossom tour Japan?
  • Children from 6 -11 years will get a JR pass child rate discounts.  Under 2 years on tour can share parents bed or request for cot (additional charges apply).
  1. What are the modes of travel on cherry blossom tour Japan?
  • This tour mainly used local transportation.
  1. Are there any night journeys on cherry blossom tour Japan?
  • Yes, we have a night walk included in Shizuoka to see the cherry blossoms under illuminations.
  1. Do we have to walk a lot on Cherry Blossom tour in Japan?
  • Yes, fair bit of walking and climbing steps will be involved in this tour. You have to be relatively fit to join this tour.
  1. Do we have to wake up early on cherry blossom tour Japan?
  • No. Not too early. Usual tour start daily will be 8:3-9am.
  1. What assistance is provided to a disabled person or a senior citizen, who needs special assistance on cherry blossom tour Japan?
  • This tour is not suitable for disabled persons. However please get in touch with us if you are interested in joining this tour and we will do our best to request for disable friendly rooms at each hotel. Our guides are all helpful and friendly, if you have any special requests please feel free to let us know and we will try our best to assist you.
  1. Can I take a wheelchair on cherry blossom tour Japan? Will it be difficult while visiting places during the cherry blossom tour Japan?
  • You can take your wheelchair with you, however at temples and some other sightseeing places there will be steps and ramps. You will need assistance. Please check with us in advance to see how we can assist you.
  1. Can I use my credit card for shopping / personal expense while on cherry blossom tour Japan?
  • Japan is still a cash based society. You can use your credit cards at hotels and department stores. Small local shops will not accept credit cards.
  1. Can I get medicine during the cherry blossom tour Japan?
  • There are pharmacies around Japan where you can get medicine for general coughs and colds. If you are on a prescription medicine, please bring them along with you on the tour.
  1. What type of meals are included on cherry blossom tour Japan?
  • Daily breakfast and a Japanese style dinner is included in Shizuoka.
  1. Can I request for a special meal during the cherry blossom tour Japan?
  •  If you have any allergies, meal requests please inform us in advance.
  1. What is Visa and how should I obtain the Visa for cherry blossom tour Japan?
  • UK, US and some European passport holders do not need to apply for Visa in advance. You will receive on arrival visa at the airport. Please check the Japan embassy website for more information.
  1. Do I need Overseas Travel insurance for the cherry blossom tour Japan?
  • Yes, we highly recommend that you get international travel insurance when joining the Cherry Blossom Tour.
  1. What are the documents required to book cherry blossom tour Japan?
  • We require your full name as per passport to book cherry blossom tour.
  1. Do I need to pay the entire tour price lump-sum while booking the cherry blossom tour Japan?
  • No. You pay a deposit to secure your place and pay the remaining balance 8 weeks before your tour start date.
  1. In case of emergency whom can I contact during the cherry blossom tour Japan?
  • We provide you with a 24/7 emergency number in Japan with the final documents we send before departure.
  1. How much foreign exchange can I carry on cherry blossom tour Japan?
  • Depends on how you want to spend for your meals and shopping. Average lunch in Japan will cost 1000yen per person per day, Dinner 1500yen-2000yen per person per day.
  1. Is the Japan cherry blossom tour registration amount refundable?
  • No. Once you pay a deposit for the tour this is non-refundable unless we cancel the tour from our end due to operational reasons.